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With one love for all peo­ple and crea­tures on our planet. The foun­da­tion of our phi­los­o­phy is to pro­duce award-winning all nat­ural prod­ucts while nour­ish­ing the needs of oth­ers less for­tu­nate. Our bold mis­sion is to rally to the defense of the under-priv­i­leged by bring­ing their plights to a higher con­sciousness level in our com­mu­nity through our char­i­ta­ble works.We invite you to come join us and sup­port our eclec­tic band of coura­geous dis­ci­ples as we con­tinue our valiant cru­sade on to a global level. Our cre­ations are delight­fully deli­cious, and we will never stop pro­fess­ing our true love for the chili pep­per and all of her amaz­ing pow­ers and mag­i­cal talents.


Frank Yates grew up in San Francisco, California back in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Frank has always had a great passion for Music, Sports, Food and Entertainment. He also loves to Create, Invent and Write.  Frank is a direct descendant of famous Irish novelist and poet, James Joyce.


As a baby, Frank was known to hum while enjoying his meals in his high chair. As a child a young Frank was fascinated with experimenting in the kitchen. In those days Tabasco and Taco Bell hot sauce were pretty much his only options, so when his family would go to Taco Bell Frank would always grab extra Taco Bell hot sauce packets so that he could add a little heat and flavor to his favorite home cooked meals.


As a young adult Frank attended Chico State University. On many occasions Frank would cook for his roommates after a long night of drinking with whatever ingredients were available. The next morning his then sober roommates would ask what he had cooked because it was so unusual, yet delicious. When Frank would say I don’t remember? His roommate would always exclaim that, “Well, whatever it was, it sure was good !!”


After college, Frank worked as a Financial Planner and in the Real Estate industry. He became restless and bored. With a great passion and love for pleasing the masses, Frank decided to get back into the kitchen and create delicious sauces with the best ingredients he could find enhancing the favor with a pinch of Heat. 


Today Frank is having huge success as the International Ambassador of all things Hot & Spicy and produces the Burning Mouth Festival ~ a celebration of all things Hot & Spicy !! His sauce profiles are savory, sweet and tangy with a heat levels safe for just about everyone. His concepts are final recognized and appreciated by the masses.


We look forward to future products and our taste buds are so happy that Frank never gave up !!


The "Chiligods" are the self-proclaimed International Ambassadors of all things Hot and Spicy and the Alpha and Omega of Great Taste !! Also known as the Sultans of Sauce, Prince of Peppers, Master of Marinade, Wizards of Wok, Avatars of Spice, Head Honchos of Heat and BBQ Extraordinaire, Established in 1994. The foundation of our philosophy is to produce award~winning sauces for everyone to enjoy. Our bold mission is to take the chili pepper to a whole new level !! We will never sell out to the corporate world whose soul intention is to shove inferior products on to the general public, repressing the innocent while depriving and starving our universe of rich, healthy, delicious creations, all for the sake of the all mighty dollar.

  • Captain of Capsaicin

  • Head Hon­chos of Heat

  • Messiah of Hot Sauce
    (the Anointed One)  

  • B.B.Q. Extraordinaires

  • Sul­tans of Sauce                   

  • Mas­ters of Marinade

  • Prince of Peppers 

  • Wizards of Wok

  • Avatars of Spice

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